Royal Hunting Ground, Seoul Forest (서울숲)

Forest in the middle of a city.

Seoul Forest is thus named as such because in the past, this area had been a royal hunting ground for kings. It is now an eco-friendly mega park consisting of various themed gardens such as the Cultural Art Park, Ecological Forest, Nature Experiencing Study Field, Wetlands Ecological Field and Hangang River Waterside Park.

When the weather is good, you can also rent bicycles at the park or have a picnic at the many open spaces. The good thing about this park is that it is located next to the Han River and as such, you can enjoy the breeze as well as the sunset while cycling in the park or along the river. It is also conveniently located right outside the Seoul Forest Station on the Bundang Line.

Seoul Forest is also home to many native deers. They are kept in a large enclosure, and visitors are welcomed to purchase deer feed from the vending machines to have a go at feeding the deers!

The entrance to the Seoul Forest.
Sign pointing to the different sub-themed parks.
Quiet and spacious garden, ideal for dates.
And cycling too.
One of the main attractions of Seoul Forest – the insect garden.
The small animals enclosures.
The much-loved rabbits.
Heading towards the deers’ enclosure.
You get to purchase deer feed from vending machines as well.
Feeding time for the deers.
Deers roaming about in their large enclosure.

After touring Seoul Forest, go up the bridge next to the enclosure for the deers to get to the Han River. Catch the sunset, or have a stroll by the river.

The bridge linking Seoul Forest to the Han River Park.
Some of the views you will get to see along the way.
Sun is setting soon.
The beautiful sunset at the Han River.
Sitting on the benches enjoying the cool evening weather.

If you are looking for a garden to take a stroll and relax, there are plenty of options here in Seoul but Seoul Forest is definitely one of the bigger and more conveniently located ones! As we were walking along we could notice many tourists enjoying themselves at Seoul Forest too!

  • Nearest subway station: Seoul Forest Station, Bundang Line, Exit 3

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