Kyobo Bookstore – The Largest Bookstore Chain In Korea (교보문고)

One of our favourite places to visit in Seoul is Kyobo Bookstore. Here at the bookstore, you can find everything from approximately 2.3 million books to souvenirs, watches, household products, digital gadgets, gifts, stationey, music albums and more! This place … Continue reading Kyobo Bookstore – The Largest Bookstore Chain In Korea (교보문고)

Using The EG SIM Card

The Most Fuss Free SIM Card Option in Korea.

Everyone knows that Korea is one of the most connected country in the world, with free wifi hotspots literally everywhere. From shopping malls to cafes and restaurants, you can even get connected to free wifi while walking on the streets! Because of this, many tourists choose not to buy a SIM card when they are in Korea, choosing to rely on these free wifi hotspots instead. However do you know that when you purchase a SIM card such as the prepaid EG SIM Card, you get automatic access to Olleh’s extensive wifi network. Continue reading “Using The EG SIM Card”