Family Fun At Lotte Aquarium (롯데아쿠아리움)

A place for everyone.

Located at the basement of the mega popular Lotte World Mall and on the way to Lotte World Amusement Park, Lotte World Aquarium provides quality educational fun time to adults and children alike. Visitors start off by exploring the various themed areas, learning about marine life in rivers and oceans. Information about the displays are displayed in Korean and English. Look out for the star of the aquarium, the beluga whale! He can be pretty shy but being the playful whale that he is, watch out for when he starts to play with his toys located all around his enclosure!

The beluga whale prominently displayed on all tickets.
Cool holographic effect at the entrance of the aquarium.
Different themed areas to engage visitors.
The immersive all-round underwater passage!
Admiring the beauty of marine life up close.

Even though the interior of the aquarium is dark, displays are well-lit and easily locatable. The various aquariums are well-kept and information relating to the animals are clearly displayed on an electronic board. There is also a café in the centre of the aquarium for the tired legs.

General health of the sea lions displayed outside their enclosure.
The largest aquarium here. Watch out for the feeding shows.

Wait till the feeding time when you can see all the marine animals in the massive tank crowd around the diver to get at the food. You might have your work cut out trying to locate the diver as sometimes there are just too many animals around him!

Greeting the penguins.
Really amazing creatures.

Beside just admiring the animals in their enclosures, visitors get to learn more about marine life in the various education areas. There is also an interaction area where visitors can pay a  nominal fee to touch and play with the marine animals such as starfishes, turtles and smaller fishes.


2,000KRW to feel and touch the fishes.
The special exhibitions change from time to time.
Up close with actual skeletons.

Kids might also be interested to check out the gift shop at the end of the aquarium. Parents maybe less so! All in all Lotte Aquarium makes for a fun and educational trip for visitors, especially families with children. The kids would love the colourful and bright exhibits and the play areas, while the parents could use the information prominently displaying around every enclosure to educate their children about marine life!

Leaving for the souvenir shop!
Really cute marine life plushies!

How to get to Lotte Aquarium:

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 4.45.05 PM
It is a short walk from the subway station.

Take the subway to Jamsil Station on Line 2 or 8, head out from exit 10 and turn right where you will see the Lotte Mall. Enter the mall and take the nearest escalator down to basement level 1 where you should see the ticketing office of Lotte Aquarium. Directional signs are also prominently displayed to guide you to the aquarium.

Exit 10 of Jamsil Station.
The entrance to the mall is right next to the station.
Directional signs are prominently located.
Get your tickets from the ticketing machines located outside the aquarium.
  • Address: 300 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
  • Subway: Jamsil Station, Line 2/8, Exit 10
  • Opening Hours: 1000 ~ 2000 (Mon-Thu), 1000 ~ 2200 (Fri-Sun)
  • Entrance Fee: 29,000KRW (Adults), 27,000KRW (Teenagers), 25,000KRW (Children)
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: 1611-2000
  • Email: NA

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