Check Out These 3 Cafes The Next Time You’re In Seoul!

Only 3 out of the numerous cool cafes.

Seoul is a café paradise. Every shopping district, every neighbourhood you go to, one thing you can be sure to find has to be cafes. From mountain parks to secluded neighbourhoods, cafes are really just about everywhere. What makes them so popular among Koreans is that it provides a resting space, a personal space for people who just need to get out of their house and go to a place where they can sit down comfortably and do their own work, or to be with their friends. Especially in seasons such as summer or winter, cafes provide a shelter from the blistering summer sun, or a spot of warmth from the bitter winter chill. Koreans simply cannot get enough of cafes.

Café hopping is a popular activity among youths nowadays. The next time you are in Seoul, spend some time relaxing in these popular cafes below. Sit down, relax, people-watch or simply just listening to your music, indulge in some personal time with a cup of delicious coffee!

1. Cafe Majo & Sady (Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station) 

The welcoming mascots.

The outlet at Dongdaemun is located just right infront of the iconic Gwanghuimun(Gwanghui Gate).

Even the counter is cute as well!
Cafe with a view, no doubt.
The spacious 2nd storey.
With a comfortable meeting space for big groups.

We ordered the green tea latte and to be honest, at first sip we thought it tasted slightly different as compared to the many other green tea lattes that we have tried. It is stronger and thicker, very much to our liking.

Our green tea latte.
Their famous ‘kimbap log cake’.

The drinks are thick and delicious without burning a huge hole in your pockets. Despite its fanciful theme based on an actual brand, their drinks are still cheaper than most franchise coffee joints.

Cute enough? If you are a fan of the emoticons on Kakaotalk then you should not give this café a miss! This café is conveniently located outside Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station on Line 2/4 and makes for a good rest stop in between your shopping at Dongdaemun’s many fashion malls!

How to get there:

Take the subway to Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station on Line 2/4, take Exit 3 and cross the road after exiting the station. Turn right after crossing the road and head straight for 100m until you see the Gwanghuimun Gate. The café is right infront of the gate.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 6.03.58 PM

  • Address: 172 Gwanghui 2-dong, Junggu, Seoul
  • Subway: Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station, Line 2/4, Exit 3
  • Opening Hours: 10am – 11pm
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: +82 02-2268-1204
  • Email: NA

2. Kopitiam (Edae Station)

Would anyone like to try Singapore coffee here in Korea? This cafe is apparently owned by a Korean, and the food and drinks are all prepared by Koreans. However, it doesn’t sound that bad an idea to check out how Koreans interpret Singapore café culture and how their people take to our taste in coffee. Besides the traditional coffee and tea options served in a Singapore style ceramic cup, they also offer kaya toast among other pastry options.

The all too familiar name in large print.
We found the interior to be very comfortable.

The café is a lot more comfortable than many of the other cafes that we have been too. Feeling at home could be one factor but we certainly thought they simply did a good job with the interior design! There are 2 levels in this café. The first floor consists of regular tables with a separate section for quiet study, as well as a enclosed area for the smokers. Not many cafes in Korea would go to this extent!

The top floor consists of mostly big and spacious study areas, usually occupied by students of the nearby Ewha Womans’ University. There are even bunker-style study areas which students happily utilize during their study sessions, as seen by some sleeping students during our visit there.

The second floor.
Feeling at home, somewhat.
Two cups of kopi.

A cup of milk coffee(or simply kopi) should set you back by about 5,000KRW ~ 6,000KRW, expensive by our standards but perfectly reasonable in Korea. Besides, we felt that the café atmosphere far surpasses many other cafes we have been to. Definitely a good place for study sessions!

Their breakfast set.

On top of the regular pastry options such as cakes and croissants, Kopitiam serves also the highly popular kaya toast set. The bread is crispy and kaya is sourced from Singapore. We are not sure about the butter but they definitely tasted authentic enough. Good enough for those craving traditional Singapore breakfast in a faraway land!

How to get there:

Kopitiam is located along the main street of Edae, the street leading all the way to the front gate of Ewha Womans’ University, and right outside Exit 4 of Edae Station on Line 2. After exiting the station, cross the road and walk for about 10m till you see the sign below.

Located right outside Exit 3 of Edae Station.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 6.59.37 PM

  • Address: 54-24 Daehyeon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
  • Subway: Edae Station, Line 2, Exit 3
  • Opening Hours: 10am – 11pm
  • Website: NA
  • Contact Number: +82 392-8585
  • Email: NA

3. Ewha Dabang

Everyone knows about the famous Ewha Womans’ University, but what if you could catch the view of the school campus from a vantage point? Enter Ewha Dabang café, a beautiful and spacious café located opposite the Ewha Womans’ University’s main door. Located on the 8th floor, you get a good view of the Ewha neighbourhood in a quiet and spacious café, with jazz music playing in a corner.

Spacious and comfortable working space.
Cafe decorations.
Full length windows to admire the view.
The music corner. You can also make a request to the staff to play a CD of your choice!
Postcard decorations.

If you were thinking that in such a big and spacious café the prices would be higher than other cafes then you are wrong. Prices here are reasonably priced and the coffees were really tasty as well. They range from 5,000KRW to about 6,500KRW for a cup. There are also other handmade pastries and pies for the hungry stomachs.

Decently priced cakes.
The Ewha Womens’ University campus as seen from the cafe.
Cuppa with a view.

We spent half a day here and really enjoyed the experience. The jazz music contributes to the quaint atmosphere here, and there were not a lot of people when we went. Besides, it is also conveniently located near Ewha Womans’ University and Ewha shopping street, must-visit places in Seoul.

How to get to Ewha Dabang:

From Exit 2 of Edae Station on Line 4, walk straight all the way towards the main gate of Ewha Womans’ University. Once you reach the main gate, instead of entering the school, turn left towards the Top 10 store and walk for about 50m.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 5.23.47 PM.png

When you see this entrance to the café, enter and take the lift to the 8th floor.

The entrance to the lift.
Arriving at the cafe on the 8th floor.
Definitely one of our favourite study spots in Seoul!

This café is high on the list of our favourite places here in Seoul! If you are looking for a quiet and spacious space to get some work done, we cannot recommend this place more than enough. We hope you’d enjoy the view and atmosphere at Ewha Dabang as much as we did!


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