Welcome To Korea

Korea, also known as the Land of the Morning Calm is a mystifying place. Seoul, its capital city is a bustling metropolis with about 10 million residents living in a land space only slightly smaller than Singapore (233.7 mi² compared to 277.6 mi²). On the other hand, the country is also well known for its green mountainous terrains, coastal fishing villages, tropical islands and its numerous beautiful Buddhist temples. The result is a country that is among one of the most popular and frequently-visited countries in Asia.

From churning out successful kpop idols on a regular basis to replacing Japan as the cinematography capital of Asia, there are many things that Korea is doing right and making the whole world stand up and take notice. Ask any Singaporean and chances are he/she has already visited Korea at least once.

Here at this website, get insider’s tips to the best places to visit while in Korea. Brought to you by a Singaporean who has spent a substantial chunk of his life studying Korea, learning Korean and working in Korea, you can be sure this would not be yet another Korea tourism fan site. Also, feel free to contact me via this site’s contact form should you require more information for your upcoming trip to Korea.

Welcome to Korea!

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