Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market (노량진 수산시장)

A bustling market.

For a taste of seafood, live or otherwise, most tourists to Seoul go to Noryangjin Market (노량진 수산시장) located just south of the Han River. Noryangjin Market is one of Korea’s largest seafood markets, and is usually vibrant and full of activity all year round. There are over 800 types of seafood here, available for sale either as wholesale or retail purchase. After purchasing them, you can have them prepared as sashimi or cooked at one of the many restaurants on the second floor of the market.

Expect to see all kinds of seafood such as salmon, clams, mussels, octopuses, squids, shrimps, sea cucumbers, crabs etc. Some of the shop owners are well versed in Mandarin, and don’t hestitate to talk to them and ask them more about what they are selling. We have came to find out that they are mostly polite and friendly, and would be more than willing to help you select the seafood that you want.

The entrance to the market.
A wide variety of sea produce to choose from.
How many of these can you identify?
Name and country of origin clearly labelled.
The infamous live octopus, anyone?
A smaller specie of octopus.
Shop owners prying open live oysters.
Abalone heaven.

While walking in the market, we found many tourists buying seafood to be cooked and prepared by one of the many restaurants on the second floor. If you would like to experience dining at the market, simply choose the kind of seafood that you would like to eat and the store owner would do the rest of the job for you. Simply tell them if you would like to have them raw or cooked, and they will have someone guide you to the restaurant above.

The second storey of the market.
One of the many restaurants.
View from the second floor.

How to get to Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market:

Getting to Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market is simple, as it is located next to the Noryangjin Station of Line 1 and 9. Once you exit from Exit 1 of the train station, you should see a bridge connecting the station to Noryangjin Market. Cross the overhead bridge, take the stairs to the first floor and you should be at the entrance of Noryangjin Market.

Exit 1 of Noryangjin Station.
Take the connecting bridge next to the station.
A sign pointing to the market.
The iconic 63 Building in the background.

While crossing the bridge, you should get to also see the iconic 63 Building in the background. It was once the tallest building in Asia when it was completed in 1985.

Stay and take a look at trains entering and exiting Noryangjin Station. Aboveground subway stations are not a common sight in central Seoul. Sometimes you might also catch the high speed rail, KTX passing by the station.

A passing KTX train.
A lively scene at the station.

Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market is a traditional and fascinating place that is always bustling with activities. From shoppers haggling prices to the store owners calling out the catch of the day, there are plenty of things to see and experience here at Noryangjin Market that not many places in Seoul could offer. Do remember to include this market in your Seoul itinerary!

  • Address: 688 Nodeul-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul
  • Subway: Noryangjin Station, Exit 1, Line 1/9
  • Opening Hours: 24 hours
  • Website: NA
  • Contact Number: +82-2-814-2211
  • Email: NA

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