Day Out At Lotte World Amusement Park (롯데월드)

Become a child again.

Unlike many other amusement parks, Lotte World is conveniently located in the city and easily accessible by public transport. As an entertainment paradise made up of a theme park, ice skating rink, museum, a lake and a mega shopping mall, Lotte World sees about 6 million visitors on average every year. Lotte World is open all year round regardless of season and weather, and has both an indoor and outdoor amusement area. The indoor area is called “Adventure”, with roller coaster rides, monorail, parade shows, and international cuisine among its many other attractions! The outdoor amusement area is named “The Magic Island”, and features the gigantic Magic Castle, which can be seen from afar. Over here at The Magic Island, you can experience exhilarating high-altitude roller coaster rides, free-fall drops as well as other popular and exciting draws such as the Gyro Swing, Gyro Drop and the Spanish Pirate Ship which swings at a mouthdropping 75 degrees.

There are also plenty of souvenir shops, eateries and cafes scattered all over Adventure and The Magic Island. Visitors usually spend one whole day here to fully enjoy the experience of Lotte World. Lotte World is open from 9.30 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. every day of the year.

The skating rink inside Adventure.

There is also a skating rink located on the basement level 3 level and it is opened throughout the year as well. There are also a restaurant, snack bars, sports shops, skate rental booth and a changing room at the same level.

Getting across to The Magic Island.
Inside the indoor Adventure.
The performance area.
The ever-popular carousel ride.
The monorail goes around the inside of Adventure.

A monorail goes around the indoor area of the Adventure theme park. If you are not into the heart-stopping rides, hop on the monorail for a fantastic view of the entire Adventure theme park at a leisurely pace.

The ‘hot air balloon’ ride.

Want something even higher? Go for this ‘hot air balloon’ ride that goes one round around the Adventure theme park. Perfect for taking selfies.

Such performances are aplenty inside Adventure.
Show time for the kids.

At certain times of the day, you may also be able to catch special performances put up by the performers of Lotte World. These performers will also come down from stage to interact with the audience as well as to take pictures with you!

Performers in hanbok.
Fancy getting your fortune told?

Now, the main attractions here at Lotte World are of course its rides. To go on the rides, simply join the queue with your ticket in hand. Certain rides which requires you leave your bag behind will have storage places for you, so do not worry even if you are carrying bags with you. Once you get onto the rides, the staff will kindly assist you in storing your belongings in the storage spaces available.

Getting in line before the ride.

After enjoying yourself at Adventure, head out now to the outdoor amusement park called The Magic Island. The Magic Island is connected to Adventure via a connecting bridge. The rides at The Magic Island are generally faster and more pulsating. If Adventure was more suitable for families bringing their young kids to play, then The Magic Island is probably where you can hear more shouts and screams!

Sign pointing to the connecting bridge to The Magic Island.
Exiting to The Magic Island.
The magic castle of The Magic Island.
View from the connecting bridge.
Looking back at Adventure.

Entering The Magic Island feels like entering a wonderland of sorts. Here you can see much taller amusement rides such as the Gyro Drop, Gyro Swing and even the tallest building in South Korea, the Lotte Tower!

Still under construction, Lotte Tower would be the tallest building in Korea.
Plenty of fear-inducing rides.
Wonder what those people are thinking..
Trying out the Bungee Drop.
Fancy a ride on this?
One of our favourites, the Gyro Swing.

Gyro Swing here at The Magic Island is one of our favourite rides here at Lotte World! It is also one of the most popular rides here, and you may have to queue for around 10 minutes to get in. Think of it as a Viking Ship except that you would be spinned 360 degrees as well!

Bumper car rides.

The main attraction at The Magic Island has to be the Atlantis roller coaster ride. It is by far the most exciting and popular ride here at Lotte World. Some visitors like it so much they come back for a second round almost immediately! The roller coaster ride starts indoors, which brings you through a series of high-speed turns and drops before going outdoors. Your ordeal does not end there, as you will be subjected to even higher drops and faster turns before finally being brought back inside. You cannot come to Lotte World without trying the Atlantis roller coaster!

Queueing up for Atlantis.
Hopping on the car.

Familes with children are going to love Lotte World. Many of the rides are children-friendly, and on top of that there are also performances and shows to let your kids enjoy. While walking around Lotte World, we also noticed many Korean couples here enjoying the good weather with their other half. Seeing that this place feels so much like a mythical wonderland, it is not hard to see why Lotte World is so famous with couples!

Lotte World’s souvenir shop.

How to get to Lotte World:

There are a few ways to get to Lotte World, and here is the most commonly taken way. Take the subway to Jamsil Station on Line 2/8 and search for Exit 4. Once you exit from the gantry you should see something like this.

What you see after exiting from the gantry.

Even though the sign says that Exit 3 would bring you to Lotte World, by going via Exit 3 you would have to go in via the outdoor section. Once you get to Exit 4, instead of exiting, go straight ahead towards the shopping walkway instead.

Take the pathway towards Lotte Mart.

Once you arrive at an intersection near Food Capital, you are almost at the entrance of Lotte World. Turn left from here, walking up the stairs and then head straight all the way till you reach the ticketing booths at Lotte World.

Turn left here.
The entrance to Adventure of Lotte World.

The tickets can be purchased from the 30 ticketing boothes lined up outside the gate of Lotte World Adventure. The prices to the tickets are priced as such:

1-day pass that entitles you to all the rides:

  • Adults: 48,000KRW
  • Teens (13~18 years old): 42,000KRW
  • Children (3~12 years old): 38,000KRW
  • Babies (under 36 months): 12,000KRW

Entry after 4 p.m.:

  • Adults: 38,000KRW
  • Teens (13~18 years old): 33,000KRW
  • Children (3~12 years old): 29,000KRW
  • Babies (under 36 months): Free

General admission tickets (you may have to pay separately for the rides):

  • Adults: 38,000KRW
  • Teens (13~18 years old): 33,000KRW
  • Children (3~12 years old): 29,000KRW
  • Babies (under 36 months): 12,000KRW


General admission tickets after 4 p.m. (you may have to pay separately for the rides):

  • Adults: 27,000KRW
  • Teens (13~18 years old): 24,000KRW
  • Children (3~12 years old): 21,000KRW
  • Babies (under 36 months): Free

General admission tickets after 7 p.m. (you may have to pay separately for the rides):

  • Adults: 17,000KRW
  • Teens (13~18 years old): 15,000KRW
  • Children (3~12 years old): 13,000KRW
  • Babies (under 36 months): Free
The staff are well versed in English.

We hope you would enjoy your day at Lotte World as much as we did! It makes for a good place to let loose and enjoy yourselves. Whether you are with your friends, your family or your other half, there are plenty of activities here that you may partake in and have a rolling good time!

  • Address: 240 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
  • Subway: Jamsil Station, Exit 4, Line 2/8
  • Opening Hours: 0930 ~ 2200
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: +82-2-411-5574
  • Email: NA

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